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Fret not dear lackey of Magic, you are not alone!

If you want to successfully incorporate Magic into your life as a serious hobby, you need to play at least a few times a week and engage with other players to learn about different playing styles, and to of course meet new, interesting people.

Our university has an official anime club, known as UJAM, which was most likely the inspiration for the Magic gathering (pun intended). Because this is so needed, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has gained a small contemporary Magic circle, who normally meet up at a coffee shop on campus. This is mostly due to the love and commitment that a good friend of mine, Blu (also sometimes known as Johan) has for Magic. Thanks to him many people have been bitten by the ridiculously addictive bug, including me.

The people who play Magic at UJ are very different from one another in many ways, but the fun experienced when playing it trumps any problems which might arise. Even I have played against opponents who I don’t really like or would care to have conversations with under normal circumstances.

There aren’t many fights or freak-outs, and any altercations are only minor – everyone loses with grace.

Not like this guy.

Some of the players have even become good friends, as Magic can create a bond between people and create meaningful relationships. A few of them are some of the smartest people who I’ve come across on our campus – from philosophers to physicists.


It is much more exciting than it looks, trust in thee.


This is a 3-way – a match with three contestants instead of only two.


Present (kind of) in this photograph is Stefan – he likes to create many creatures, very fast so you cower in fear. He has recently come to love his green/white deck, and can easily kill you off with it! Little arse.

Blu plays many different types of decks, and all combinations of colours. No matter what deck he runs, he tends to win. He tends to win A LOT.

He’s a Magic Master, not much else needs to be said. One does not cross The Blu. And I’m pretty confident that whenever I beat him, he still just only lets me win on purpose. He was kind enough to lend a few tips to this blog – listen to that voice!

 Magic and friends:

Blu Quote 1

The competition and achievements:

Blu Quote 2

Why we continue to play Magic:

Blu Quote 3


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