Magic – a means of escape.

Finally! A topic that I am excited to write about! People of the web, I have found my excuse to start a blog. As a student of Journalism, I have been given many assignments to write about different topics (or take pictures n’ stuff) and now I have the prone opportunity to write about something I love. I chose Magic.

Now, by Magic, I do NOT mean the act itself, the frequent user (including warlock, wizard and all those wonderful W’s) or any of these hilarious definitions, but I refer to something quite more astonishing. This is a type of Magic which really exists, Magic that you can hold in your very own hands. And it’s made from cardboard. Let’s admit now, real magic does not exist, but Magic: The Gathering does.

I am sure that many readers even do not know what I am talking about when I mention Magic: The Gathering. For those who are ignorant as to what it exactly is, I will explain it briefly now, and more in detail later on.

Yes, I am referring to the collectible card game (or CCG), Magic: The Gathering, published by Wizards of the Coast (and all those other funky copyright claims).  It is one of the firsts, if not the first, of its kind – the CCG was first designed and introduced in 1993 by Richard Garfield, and a team of Magic designers and play testers. After only a short time on the market it was so popular that shops outsold and the demand for the cards were so high that certain cards became worth much more that they would normally be. Early on they were even reluctant to advertise the game because they were unable to keep pace with existing demand. Some of the rarer or special edition Magic cards have sold for up to $40, 000 at auctions. Must be pretty cool cards then, right?

Now, back to the blog! I have always thought about putting my thoughts down somewhere, so I can look back in a few years and remember how stupid I was. Ah, blissful ignorance.

Although Magic is most commonly associated with the geek and nerd subculture, it has been known to be played by just about anyone.


What many people do not realise is that it has the unique power to bring different people together, just like any other engaging hobby.Unfortunately its gender demographic is not very balanced, and compared to male players, females are few and far between. I have been told numerous times how people are usually surprised to see me taking part in tournaments, since it is not that popular among females.I myself have found that playing Magic tournaments have made me discover my 12 year old self again , especially since I almost weekly get my arse handed to me by 12 year old players.

Many parents have realised how beneficial Magic can be for their children. Playing Magic helps many children who are introverted and shy to break out of their shells, it teaches children how to gracefully win or lose, it exposes children to a greater vocabulary on a regular basis, and some parents even claim that it can help keep their children out of trouble as well.  Mommy and Daddy – if you want little Johnny to be a doctor, lawyer, mortician, orc general or anything else, introduce them to Magic! It is of course not without its own flaws, but it exercises the brain on a frequent basis and your kid will enjoy it!


The other day, I had a conversation with my sister, it went something like this:

Me: I’m so broke.

Sister: Why? You were paid just the other day?

Me: I spent my money on Magic cards.

Sister: You live a sad life.


This game is highly addictive and has been jokingly called by some as “cardboard crack”, hence the name of this blog. Some players have spent large amounts of money acquiring cards. Addiction to Magic begins nearly simultaneously after winning or faring well in a match for the first time, and will deplete one’s wallet faster than you can say “Tap that card, yeah baby”.

So, in conclusion – the function of this blog is to provide me with a platform where I can share my experiences of playing within the Magic circle.  And maybe I can help those who wish to better understand the dynamics and unique functions of this highly addictive game and who also find themselves in the position of amateur in such a highly complex and competitive world (don’t be scared!)

– Erika


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